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Whatever your vision— we help you create beautiful digital products, brands, and experiences that connect, engage, and convert.


Hello— I'm Faizur Rehman, with 14+ years in design. Everyday designing, helping brands tell stories, connect with people, and craft unforgettable experiences.


Building a digital
presence is harder
than you'd think.

No more design struggles. We'll help you in every step, from brainstorming ideas to bringing them to life. This is where we really shine, my friend!

Art Direction
Creative Dev

Web apps
Mobile apps
Landing pages
Design systems
Visual identities
Email templates
Webflow development
We do much more, but these are the things we're really good at.


A collection of work we're proud of
:past, present, and future projects

See More Work
See More Work

As you know, most of my work I can’t disclose publicly,
you know what I mean (under NDA)


Better for your wallet,
Better for your business

Our subscription offers the most cost-effective way to step out of the ordinary. However —If you prefer fixed projects, we're here to help.


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Perfect for those seeking ongoing design work and desiring to grow with unlimited design requests.


Save $500/mo
Ideal for those looking to tackle big projects and establish a long-term working relationship.

Project based

Looking to work on a project basis?
If you prefer working on a project basis or just need to talk things before making your mind, let’s schedule a call.

If your schedule’s packed, no worries—just fill out the quick form below.

What happens when you subscribe monthly subscription?


It starts with Onboarding

Once you subscribe, you'll receive a short form in your email. Fill it out, and we'll send you an invite to join your Trello project management board.


You make a request and,
we work our magic.

All you need to do is add your first design request, and one by one, we'll complete them within 2 business days, sometimes even faster. If it's a bit more complicated, it might take a bit longer, but hey, no worries


Step by step, we grow together

As your product design partner — Complete your project in smaller, hyper-focused milestones. Watch it grow with each request. Unlimited revisions until perfection.

A better way to work together

Get World-Class
Designs, Faster

Ready to team up? Our membership is a fresh take on collaboration, offering endless partnership and unmatched freedom that traditional contracts simply can't match.

Unlimited Requests

Get an unlimited task request, prioritize as you like.

Fast Turnaround

Get tasks delivered in just 2-3 working business days.

Your entire team

Too busy? Invite your team, manage tasks together.

Easy Communication

Communication done via Slack, direct talks, instant updates.

No Contracts

Monthly collab, no contracts. Stay if you love it, leave when you want!

No Extra Costs

Fixed monthly rate, zero surprises. Just pure clarity.

Top-notch quality

Incredible design quality, right at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Risk-Free Revisions

Unlimited free revisions, perfection at no extra cost


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Why subscription instead of hiring?

Hiring a designer is costly and time-consuming. You have to attract candidates, review countless applications, offer a high salary, and manage hiring expenses. On average, designers earn upwards of $100,000 annually, not to mention additional benefits.

Faizur offers a solution to bypass the cumbersome hiring process, saving you thousands monthly. You can dive straight into design work, making progress from day one instead of waiting weeks or months.

How quickly can I start?

You can start right away—today even! After subscribing, you'll receive a welcome email. Shortly after, you'll be invited to a private Slack channel.

You can begin making design requests immediately. There's no quicker way to get started on your design projects.

How quickly do you work?

In most cases, you can expect a response within 2 business days. Often, it's even quicker. For larger projects, it might require a bit more time, but don't worry—we'll give you a heads-up in advance.

Can you work on existing designs?

Absolutely! If you have an existing design that needs attention, we can step in and refine it for you. We excel at enhancing existing apps or wireframes, turning them into visually appealing experiences.

Why no calls or meetings?

While we value the importance of calls, they can be time-consuming. Scheduling a 20-minute call often results in 20 minutes spent procrastinating before and after the call.

We prefer asynchronous communication through Slack, Loom, or email, which enhances our efficiency and productivity.

What if I run out of design work?

No worries at all! Simply pause your subscription, and when you're ready to resume, you can pick up where you left off.

Is there a limit to the number of requests?

Nope, there's no limit. You can submit as many design requests as you need. Load them up, and we'll take care of them one by one.

What if I'm not satisfied with my design?

No problem! You have unlimited revisions. We'll keep refining the design until it meets your expectations. Your project is important to us, and we're committed to making it perfect.

Which design software do you use?

We use Figma for all of our design work.

Are refunds available?

Unfortunately, refunds are not available. Once you subscribe, we allocate specific time for your design needs. The creative process and research we put in to deliver high-quality results in a short time frame make it challenging to provide uncompensated services.

How can I manage my subscription?

Once you sign up, you'll get a detailed welcome email. It has everything you need, along with a link to your client portal where you can manage your subscription. You have the flexibility to pause or cancel your subscription whenever you like.